New Wood Aluminium patented system is an ideal solution for fabricators of windows and doors who want to supply to their customers a high quality product at a really competitive price.

Unicover is a UNIQUE system that incorporates all the main characteristics of modern windows such as energy efficiency, design and service life.


The window market has changed significantly over the last few years and today there is a huge choice of possibilities for anyone who needs to change or purchase windows.

Our goal is to go above and beyond the limits inherent in the common types of windows that are available on the market today:

Wooden windows

In keeping with tradition, design and high performances, the only limitation is to the need for periodic maintenance which can be problematic in some structures.

Wood Aluminium windows

Resolve the problem of maintenance thanks to the external aluminium coating. The price, however, increases and also the design is influenced by the significant final thickness of the window.


Can be found at very affordable prices and doesn’t need substantial maintenance.
However, aesthetics and performances are not always as promised on paper, the service life can be long but the deterioration is irreversible.


Our more than thirty years of experience in the field of production of windows and doors has allowed us to patent a new WOOD ALUMINIUM window which can easily be produced all fabricator of wooden windows.


The manufacturing of the frames in aluminium is carried out by the fabricator through a simple procedure: the profiles supplied in bars of 6 mt are the same for both the frame and the sash, all the necessary cuts are made with a cutting machine inclined at 15 degrees without the need for any further processing. The assembly is quick and easy thanks to the usage of the self-positioning clips and proper gauges supplied by us.


The advantage of this method of manufacture results a considerable reduction in costs of the finished product. This allows the proposal of a high quality WOOD ALUMINIUM window at a price only slightly higher than that of a window only in wood.

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Design and details that make difference

The junctions of the profiles at 90° and a patented system of joining insures that the finished window is elegant and light, typical of a traditional wooden window. All the principal colours RAL and DECOR are available along with many others, on demand.

The possibilities of application of this window are numerous, starting from the ordinary house to a villa by the sea, from a public building to a hotel.

Quality without compromises

A window has to be “competitive” not only in the price but also in its performance. The Unicover system has passed all testing for resistance having obtained results much higher than the limits required by the norms.


Vivaldi was founded in 1982. The founders who have long experience in the field of woodworking tools are dedicated to quality.

All management levels are of high professional background and the internal resources have been optimized to be able to cope also with the most complex requirements.

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